Screen Connection and Digital Culture

For the digital natives, a magazine is an iPad that doesn’t work !

On 2012 screens are the interface to do everything and anything everywhere. We are connected on our mobile, tablet, TV, computer etc…Furthermore, we are  doubly- connected ! 86% of mobile internet users are connected while they are watching TV… Yes, I do it as well 😉

The most important part of our daily entertainment is happening online through a screen. We are shopping, socialising, inquiring with our screen device. The internet mobile  connection changed our behaviour and our communication, going online is no longer limited to be sitting in front of a computer.

A big digital consumer trend in 2012 is “Point-Know- Buy”.  Consumers can access information in more natural ways and while on-the-go, simply by pointing their smartphones at anything interesting.( via Trendwatching)

For example,  Heinz launched an ‘augmented reality recipe book’ using Blippar’s technology. Users of the app can point their camera at a bottle of the brand’s eponymous Tomato Ketchup to see recipes pop-out of the bottle.

New technologies (QR code, Augmented reality, Visual recognition ..) are a good opportunity for the brands to be over-connected with their consumers, which means more digital brand contents, more news and information to share…

Adidas  seized this screen culture trend and launched an iPhone app where users can take a photo of any Adidas sneaker and have it scanned against the brand’s range to find the closest match, product information and local stockists.

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