Moustache in Movember

La Moustache…. the must-have cool accessorie of the moment! I suddenly became passionate about Moustache, I felt that I needed to collect them, pin them, have them…. aarrghh, I needed a Moustache… I didn’t know why but I needed one. I got one now, I bought myself a jumper with a Moustache… OUF! I feel much better…

The ‘stache’ is growing everywhere. On fingers – fingerstache – on stick, mug, accessories, t-shirts, scarf, posters, babies… wherever you can! The origins of this Moustache trends is not really clear. Some Hipsters in New York started to hold Mustache Clubs and parties.

But there is Movember …’ s a growing community which is supporting Men’s health  & has been launched in 2003 in Australia . Mo’s is raising awareness around prostate cancer by encouraging Men and Mo’s Sistas to grow the moustache (fake moustache for the ladies) in November. The baseline :“Movember is about real men growing real moustaches and talking about real issues”

Everything is set up to help participant to spread the word, with Mo’s party pack, press release, photos, videos…

The Mo’vement generated 1.9 billion conversations online and offline and increase awareness of cancer prostate by 43%. It’s only in November…

Below a quick overview

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