About me


Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy!  One of the hardest questions I get asked is to describe who I am… I am a professional Online Marketing Manager. I worked in Cardiff as a Communication Manager at Momentum Business Club. I was responsible of the branding, positioning, and digital strategies of the start-up we launched 9 months ago.  I specialise in Social Media, and website environment. Unfortunately for redundancy reason, I am now working as a Freelance Online Marketing Consultant and looking for full-time position in Cardiff, London or Bristol.

I am passionate about Advertising, Brand, Digital Art, and People. I am fascinated by new technologies, how users interact, what motivates them and by understanding the relationship between brands and customers.

My Dream Job will be to work as a Trend Analyst in a Trend Lab like Nelly Rodi or Trendstop… This day will arrive soon 😉

Coming from France, I arrived in the UK last year, and fell in love with the British Way of Life after having a deep read at That!

During my spare time you will find me strolling in Art Galleries, at Digital Art exhibitions, dreaming on the Camden Town Market, or chilling at these kind of ‘Coffee-Library’ with some special magazines about fashion, architecture, design and so…

I recently met a Social Design Group in Cardiff called Think Ark, they did some amazing projects there ! 😉

Well, I think I said enough for now. More details are available on my online profile and on my Creative Book

You can contact me at boniface.lauren@gmail.com or following on
Linkedin:Lauren Boniface
Twitter : @lanoosha
Google+ : Lauren Boniface
Pinterest : Lanoosha

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